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I am a proud mom of 3 wonderful boys; we have a faithful dog, an arrogant, irritating but lovable feline, and a very skeptical bunny rabbit. We live on the prairie in a heartland USA city, and no, its not just tumbleweeds and cows.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Okay, I am finally doing it.

Okay, how long have I threatened, stewed, wondered, and longed to start my literary carreer (cough, cough) by venting my bizarre motherhood on a blog?  Okay, I blame the other mommy bloggers.  I have enjoyed them for years, and said, "well, I could do that...".  Yea, right.  WHEN?  Oh, when the house is spotlessly clean, the bills are all paid and neatly filed in an organized area, creating this massive facade that I have my $^!# together?  Please.  As I type, my dining table is a mound of mail, bills, toys, half eaten cookies, a Cap'n America Halloween costume, and my computer.  The house looks like a tornado hit it, but it's only from 3 boys who claim to be doing chores who are watching a movie and eating cheetos; I have 3 phone calls and two faxes to send for work, and I have a group of musicians coming to my house at 7 for practice and we haven't had supper yet.  HAHAHAHA.  Sure, a perfect time to start a blog.   Same time same channel, ladies.  I am just getting started so bear with me.   Let me just grab that straight jacket and I'll be right back....


  1. Yay, Julie! I am the first one to leave you a comment. Sorry I couldn't make it to music practice tonight. I was busy watching my daughter lose a volleyball match. Oh well.

    Happy blogdom rambling!

  2. WooooooHoooooo! It will definitely be some rib splitting good laughs - can't wait!!!

  3. ...oooooh, that Nutty Raccoon is Ween's sibling! ;)