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I am a proud mom of 3 wonderful boys; we have a faithful dog, an arrogant, irritating but lovable feline, and a very skeptical bunny rabbit. We live on the prairie in a heartland USA city, and no, its not just tumbleweeds and cows.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Emergency Survey and Other Musings...

Musing # 1:  A kids's urgent survey....
Hilarious: At 9:30 last night, neighbor kid brings over a handwritten 'survey' for the boys to fill out.   It must have been an 'emergency' survey.  It read:
1. Name 3 things you need to rock climb.
2. Should you rock climb with a rope?
3. Should you climb on a ledge that's about to fall?
4. Should you bring a younger person with you?
5. Can you come to my rock climbing BD party hopefully?
This kid’s birthday is in January, LOL.  Son # 3 furiously fills it out and puts huge checkmark in YES box and wants to run it back over there in his pajamas.

Musing # 2:  Teaching a boy NOT TO PEE ON THE TOILET SEAT!!

Need I say more?
Musing # 3:  What do you find on a 10 year old’s dresser top?  Hmmm….
Let's do inventory here.  Science experiment in water bottle; colored water and oil; fake money to buy/sell at impromptu "sales" set up on plastic tubs, TV tables, anything to get extra change from neighbors who may want to "buy" pre-owned toys for 50 cents; oh, the ever necessity - whoopie cushion and flarp; baloon pump for making balloon animals and instant swords; a wad of floam; a Yoda mousepad; a pocket Hot Wheels RC car racer; Nerf skin for Nintendo DSi; CD of scary Halloween sounds for spookhouse created in closet; Phiten neclace to look cool around your friends; and a porto-bottle of hand sanitizer so you won't have to wash your hands, and of course, piles of Nerf bullets and Legos.   I guess it shows a person's priorities in life??  Heh.


  1. I laughed when I heard you talk about the 'survey' before...reminded me of us! Now that I actually see it...I understand the absolute urgency and importance of making SURE he took it back THAT NIGHT!

  2. There's never a dull moment!!! lolol

  3. I just want to know if the "post-it's on the toilet lid" method really works...